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Airvape X

Really enjoy this vape sur mews

Good taste, good vapor, nice air pull. Feels and looks good in the hands. Mouth piece that’s magnetic makes using very convenient and smooth sailing. Maintenance is low. The design of this vape is very unique & looks great. Best I have ever had. Cleaning is simple as well. All around a great beautiful vape. Battery life could be a little better, No complaints tho. Overall I’d give this a solid 4 over 5 vape clouds. Thank you for the smooth transaction!

Airvape X

Awesome Vaporizer sur Teklios

This is the best portable vaporizer that I've ever used. I highly recommend this over any other vaporizer on the market. You can select the exact temperature that you want, simple to change. It also vibrates to let you know that it's ready to use and it heats up really quick. The wax pad insert improvement from the Xs is also a good feature of the X. Worth every cent you spent and time you waited. Just kidding. It didn’t take that long for me to receive it. Thank you for the speedy service!

Airvape X

Strong buy recommendation sur Dueñas Saenz

I bought this little but powerful vaporizer based on the recommendation of features that I was looking for in a portable vape. I have to say this is by far, the best portable vaporizer I have owned (compared to my Arizer Air). It is so stylish and it’s slim and extremely portable. It’s also extremely fast at heating up and maintains optimum temperature throughout my session. I love that I can set my timed sessions from 3 or 5 minutes and not have to worry about shutting it off. The battery lasts me about five, 5 minute sessions and has pass through vaping technology as well. The flavour of the vape is amazing with a very nice draw that’s not too airy and not too tight. If you’re looking for a stylish, compact and portable vaporize, I definitely recommend getting the Airvape X!

Arizer Air 2

This is my go to travel vape. sur Spoitle

I had the Arizer Air 1 for a couple years and was very happy with it. Then one day it stopped heating up, so I bought the new model, Airizer Air 2! I like being able to pick an exact temperature, rather than just a level. Battery life is definitely longer. But my old batteries from the Air 1 still work in this one. Heats up quick -about 30 seconds. Battery will last close to 2 hours of continuous use. Creates good vapor cloud. Taste is among the best I have tried. Small enough to fit in pocket. Glass draw tube will break if dropped. I always keep a couple spares. Doesn't beat my Mighty for overall quality of vaping experience, but it is much more portable, stealthy, and cheaper. If I leave the house - this goes with me.

Arizer Solo 2

A+ sur Randyjoka

Admittedly I have only ever bought one portable vape prior to purchasing the Solo II, so my ability for comparison is between a really terrible pen vape, and my desktop Silver Surfer. It is an A+ though for me - with it's convenience, battery life, usability, style and taste. I haven't taken it through a proper clean as yet so cannot comment on it's maintenance but keeping the stems clean is pretty straight forward. Though the vape it produces isn't as good as my desktop, it is far and away the best portable vape I have ever used.

Arizer Solo 2

Nice upgrade from the OG Arizer Solo sur screwedup

Digital interface is great and temp control precise. Super fast heat time and good battery life. A+. Sick device for the flowers. Great size and efficiency. First Arizer device and first time to purchase online. Solid companies on both counts. Product shipped next day as advertised and arrived crazy fast - authenticity confirmed. Highly recommend Arizer Solo II to all first time vapers out there. A few extra euros makes a whole lot of difference. Trust me. Just try it!

Vaporisateur Plenty

Do yourself a favor and buy one sur Teztic

Not the best looking vape out there. Haha but still the best in performance. Love, love my plenty. Gives me good vapor quality and it is very efficient. Very smooth draws and leaves a cool sensation. Best vaporizer to have at home in my opinion. Also very easy to use and easy to clean. Have to clean every once in a while of course but compared to other vapes, the plenty is relatively low maintenance. Also quality results every time. Plenty produces massive clouds and flavorful vapor. Out of the vapes I owned, this is certainly among my favorites.

Vaporisateur Plenty

Needs the reducer sur Munkyo

Had problems with the plenty at first because I filled the chamber. Should have just bought the reducer so I could still use it. Wasted a bit of dry herbs before I learned to do that. It is a bit of a pity because the pads were not really that helpful. It was just a bump in the road because once I learned how the product suited it, it was good to go from there. Now I am very happy and satisfied to have made the purchase. Had my doubts at first but it all worked out in the end. Recommending it!

FocusVape S Pro Premium

Great purchase! sur kozake

Appearance wise, the FocusVape Pro is beautiful. It is a bit bigger than most pen vaporizers but that’s not really a big issue. Looks and feels very nice, and still is at a good size. Favorite par of it is the large ceramic heating chamber which just takes vapor quality at an a different level. No joke, vaping is more enjoyable with this unit because of the materials used to build it. No plastic taste and no contaminants are able to affect the taste. Result is a pure and smooth vapor quality that will leave you with no regrets!

Arizer ArGo

Great product! sur Riev

This is the best dry herb vaporizer in the market nowadays. The design is smart and sleek, and its functions really correspond to the needs of vape users. For those who need vaporizers that are portable, but with all the functions of the bigger Arizer products, then the ArGo will be your bestfriend. This product is convenient, efficient, portable, and produces quality vapor. Temperature control is also very accurate which makes it easy for me to adjust and control the heat based on my preference. The temperature is adjustable by the nearest degree and can be changed by the plus/minus button.

Airvape X

This is the best deal for a vaporizer for sure sur Paunogato

I have friends that have the IQ and Pax 3 and the AirVape X easily keeps up. If not, I like the AirVape better. It smacks whether using it personally or in group. I love it. I like the magnetic mouthpiece to be honest. It’s just a cool feature of this vape and makes using and cleaning very easy. My friend will most likely buy his own too because he's jealous of mine haha.

Arizer Air 2

Even better than Air 1 sur Mawski

I upgraded from the original Arizer Air and its a noticable improvement. Precise temperature control is nice, and vapor production is better along with airflow. In my experience vapor production with lower tempatures is better as opposed to the original as well. Reliable, well built, produces plenty of vapor, and easy to clean. They thought of everything when making this product. If you're sick of smoking, buy this vaporizer. One of the best purchases I've made. This device has it all: elegant design, quality construction, ease of use, fair price.

Arizer Air 2

Highly recommended! sur White Widow

Overall the Arizer Air 2 is a great vaporizer, just like how the original Air was a solid unit. The Air 2 does make some good improvements like the display and the faster heat up and more powerful batteries. As a whole, I must say that I’m very impressed with the Air 2. As the second edition of the Air portable vaporizer, Arizer took an already solid concept and made several well thought out improvements which in turn created a high quality and reliable device packed with awesome features. I highly recommend the Air 2 to those who are looking for a reliable portable vape experience at an affordable price point!

Airvape X

Perfect couch friend sur Piratezip

This is my first serious vape device, after using a few cheapish pen-type units. I wanted: 1) reliable, efficient vaping of raw flower-form herbs; 2) healthier, high-quality vapor; 3) good temperature control; 4) concentrate and bud compatibility; 5) simple, direct controls; 6) compact, discreet, pleasing form; 7) low-hassle cleaning/maintenance; 8) decent battery life, quick charging. The X does well on all these counts - well enough that I ordered a 2nd Airvape X for my wife. This vaper has improved my life, even though I'm a light-to-moderate user. 5 out of 5 vape clouds!

Vaporisateur Plenty

Less herbs more effect sur Irish Pikey

Very economical and efficient. I bought this one originally as a home vape for my aromatherapy sessions and it works really well. I can vape even with small amounts so no need to fill the chamber up. I also bought the filling chamber reducer with a dosing capsule because I wanted to use just the right amount of herbs. Wouldn’t want to waste. Result is still very good. Hands down to the efficiency and quality of this product. Really good investment and will save you money in the future. Do get one and I’m sure you will not have any regrets.

Vaporisateur MIGHTY

Worth every euro sur Unstoppable Force

What a powerhouse! Not only is the Mighty Vaporizer portable and efficient, it also displays accurate temperature reading and provides for precise temperature control. This vaporizer also has a wide range of temperature. Honestly, this product is so easy to use that you’ll instantly realize you have purchased a gem. At least, that’s how happy I am with the product! Really, this is an excellent product, releasing vapor that is cool and smooth. Vapor quality is outstanding, just like the whole product itself! The unit also has two rechargeable batteries so it helps me tremendously, especially when I’m on the go. I am highly recommending this product. In fact, I already blabbered about its great quality to friends and family!

Vaporisateur MIGHTY

Satisfied customer sur Dahlberg

First of all, the product was delivered on time, which I think says a lot about the company. So, that’s a plus for the makers of Mighty Vaporizer. Second, I immediately noticed the quality of the product. It is definitely well-made. It looks durable and very sturdy. Because the pieces seemed to be tightly fit together, I actually thought I would dread cleaning this vaporizer. Alas! It was pretty easy! The parts come apart easily so I had no problem cleaning the unit. Vapor quality is also very smooth and cool. I have nothing but praises for the Mighty Vaporizer and its makers. This product puts to shame many subpar vaporizers in the market! This is definitely a great purchase!

Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX is a BEAST sur gappa

This thing produces clouds and does it almost as good as the Kings of Potency: MIGHTY and CRAFTY……but for almost 1/3th of the price! The flavor is not as good though, and a true cannaseur unfortunately won’t be satisfied with the Boundless CFX. The first few hits are good, but after that it deteriorates (like with most conduction vapes). Its design is rugged not elegant, and the build quality is good. But the quality of the plastic is good and it doesn’t feel cheap either. You’re getting sick value for money with this vaporizer!

Flowermate Aura

Love it sur thek33mak3r

This is a portable dry herb vaporizer build both for dry and concentrates. I have never used the wax pod yet, but the dry quality is remarkable with good taste. This is not a cloud chaser like the mighty vaporizer or arizer solo, but its quality is more better than the hebe 1, hebe 2, comparable with davinci vaporizer and the ceramic core creates a better flavor compared to inductions. I will definitely buy this again but I hope it makes sense for the manufacturer to make a glass mouthpiece, a sturdier one with better airflow, and yup you'll have the Aura a bestseller again. I love this vaporizer and will definitely purchase one again soon.

Magic Flight Launch Box

Breath right! sur low95

If you only get the life box, it is a sneaky vaporizer. Now if you buy the wall adapter and water pipe whip, it is just as good as any of the big name products out there. You can most certainly taste the variety of strains and actually the MFLB is one of the better vapes for that "connoisseurs"... because its all in the user and his mastery of the Launch Box. Dry your herb a little. Let it get to the slightly crunchy stage. Grind it, to an almost kief consistency... then give it another go. You might be surprised.

Volcano Digit

Well worth the investment sur nospeak

I got my Volcano a week ago and it is great. The taste from the bag far surpasses anything I’ve gotten from various portables including the Firefly, Crafty, and Pax. There is literally no comparison, even the 4th bag beats the first vape from a portable. I notice it dosen’t take much herb to deliver 3 to 4 sessions, this using a turkey bag which is I believe about 1 1/2 times larger than the stock bag. I put in a medium sized pinch which would pretty much fill a Crafty but just covers the screen in the Volc. Starting on 180, then 190, 200 and finally 210 seems to do the trick quite well.

Vaporisateur Fenix

Overall, I am very satisfied with the product and will definitely recommend it! sur Jack Herer

First look, I love the build and the style. It is compact and sleek and very handy, fits easily in the palm of your hand just like when you are holding a phone. Great for vaping with dry herbs and also produces voluminous clouds. Vapor quality is excellent and thickness is great, provides for a different level of vaping experience. You can adjust the mode (use the enhanced mode) to get the vapor thickness of your liking. I use the soft mode to get more flavor. The Fenix is relatively cheaper but definitely a quality product.

Vaporisateur CRAFTY

Good job Crafty! sur Nolan87

This gets the job done! I love Crafty! Super vapor quality, accurate temperature control, good size, and an excellent, quality product all in all! In my experience, the Crafty is incredibly easy to use and the I get delicious vape clouds. Sessions with Crafty lasts around 20 minutes for me when I’m on full battery, which is already a good run. Temperature control is accurate and good and portability is also a step forward. The Crafty is also relatively low maintenance that is a huge plus for me who have problems with sitting down once a week to clean my vapes. Much less build up, less to clean.

Vaporisateur CRAFTY

Enjoying it every day! sur Ice Mage

One of the best portable vaporizers for me. Product was as advertised and I think it was a worthwhile investment. Had a few questions with the app which support answered promptly. Great service on top of a great product. This is a quality vape even just from the first look. No problems with it so far and pretty much a solid all-around vape. Also great when I’m mobile and gives me at least 8 excellent shots. Just clean the mouthpiece often (it is very easy) because it helps give you more enjoyable shots. Enjoyed vaping with crafty.

Vaporisateur CRAFTY

Love the latest version sur Lindor

Newest version of the Crafty is better. Fan of Arizer and their upgrades are always better than the last. Battery wise, the Crafty lasts more. Heating time is also goo and it vibrates if it is ready. Temperature control is also precise which I am very happy with. It is smaller than the previous versions which makes it more suitable for when you are always on the move. Also has USB charging and client support says you can still vape while charging but I did it and still depletes the battery. Better not use while USB charging, or just replace the battery so you get another full session.

Vaporisateur PAX 3 - Kit Complet

Thank you Magicvaporizers! sur Stefano

I recommend this product because of the service and the quality! In terms of service, the product arrived on time, consistent with what was said on the product page. I have issues with online products that give out a delivery date but fail to come on the designated time, so I was really happy with their service. The quality is even more impressive! The PAX3 3 allows for both dry herb and oil vaping so you really get two for the price of one! Not to mention that it is a compact and portable vaporizer and has replaceable batteries that are perfect for those on the go!

Arizer Solo 2

I definitely loved this upgrade! 5 out of 5 stars. sur Ueszio

Personally, I think it’s worth an upgrade. The Solo 2 is a big improvement over the original Solo, especially when it comes to the airflow. You really don’t get that milkshake type pull from the Solo 2, the unit heats up in 30 seconds, and the precise temperature control and increased temperature range are nice additions. If you have loved your Solo, you should be more than happy with the Solo 2.

Arizer Solo 2

Best investment I made. :-) sur TinTin

I hardly write reviews.. But came in just to write this one. I had owned vapes before and never really "believed" they could be much better than just smoking. But since this year I wanted to be smoke-free, I decided to invest in a "good" vape (the more expensive ones). And, I was surprised by how good this one actually is! It delivers very potent vape, and the temperature control is very precise, plus the vape build in itself is so well done/finished.

Arizer Solo 2

Fantastic product. Recommended! sur ComputerCow

I've been using the Solo 2 for about a week now. I really enjoy using this vape. it's really easy to use and loading it is a breeze too. It really does a great job of vaporizing your flower. It's made quite well, feels substantial in hand and just overall feels like it's built to last. Battery life is great.. like it will last for quite a few seshes between charges too! Overall, Super happy with this purchase. Easy to use, heats in seconds.

Arizer Solo 2

Great little powerhouse of a vape sur lyssa

Well what can I say. its a very well made vape. To easy to use. Can't recommend this vape enough. Just play around with the heat to find what's best for you and the product. I was scared of using it and burning stuff. But it's so so easy. economical to buy and use and robust. it gives sweet flavour througout the whole temperature range. 5 stars all day long. So glad I got it.

Arizer Solo 2

Incredible performance sur Helco

Pros: Looks great. Vapor tastes really good and clean. This thing is efficient as hell, works extremely well at temperatures as low as 170. Good battery life, don't need to grind finely for it to cook evenly, don't need to move contents of oven around during use for it to cook evenly either. Cons: Finely grounded herbs or kief require the mesh to use or particles will end up in your mouth. Can be messy to replace herbs. Smallish oven and therefore needs herbs to be replaced rather quickly. I used to use one trough in a flightbox of a night whereas with this I need to replace 3 or 4 times. Draw resistance is a little higher than I'm used to but nothing major. Overall: A REALLY GREAT VAPORIZER! WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!

Vaporisateur Plenty

Like magic sur Icecube

I use the plenty for pain management and for aromatherapy sessions. It has really helped improve my health in many aspects. I am very thankful for the plenty and its makers for making this. It is an investment of course but it is efficient and economical. It has really good vapor results and it is also consistent in its outcome. Have used it daily for around a month now and still no problems with it. It is also relatively low maintenance and is very easy to clean. I do not fill the chamber when I use it because it is only for solo use and the unit still works its magic.

FocusVape S Pro Premium

Enjoyable sur Kocik

The FocusVape Pro is a beautiful, portable and convenient product. Nothing much to complain about except that the charging time of the its battery is quite long. Battery life is decent but when it does die out and you have to charge it, it takes quite a while. This is just minor because battery is replaceable and you can still use the vape while one battery is charging. I suggest buying a few spare batteries so you have three or more ready when you need it. Other than that, this pen vape is smart and beautiful, and produces among the purest vapor quality.

Arizer ArGo

Great battery! sur Madgoose

I am not a very patient person so the Arizer ArGo’s battery improvements is really a plus for me. The Arizer ArGo charges via USB which is really convenient for me, aside of course from having a replaceable battery option. I noticed that it only takes less than 10 minutes for me to be able to use the product again if I ever find myself with a dead battery. This is how fast and how convenient the product works. I have had battery issues with my past vaporizers because I use it constantly, but with Arizer ArGo, I just need to replace the battery and not the whole vape if something goes wrong. For me, this really helps save time and money. So all in all, the Arizer ArGo is a really great investment!

Arizer ArGo

Caution sur Geeko

The Arizer Go is an excellent product. I agree that it is the best portable dry herb vaporizer in the market. It is also quite stealthy given its mouthpiece protector that can easily pass the device off as something else. One minor issue I have with it is that the use of the USB charging should be sufficiently cautioned to its users. The product is advertised as if it is perfectly advisable for the vaporizer to be used while charging, but doing it can overheat the unit and give way to some unexpected damages. Maybe this is also how I overestimated the product. In any case, I’m still sticking with ArGo and have been using it since my purchase.

Airvape X

Powerful performance vape sur itstonytron

Great product and value. Fast heating and I like the design too, discreet. Battery life is not bad either, it doesn't take long to recharge and you can use it while it's charging, which is always a plus. I lke how the mouthpiece and airflow box are both ceramic. I've read and well, experienced that this material helps with the temperature regulation as well. I love my airvape x. The sleek and classic design is also appealing. I don’t regret buying this device and would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Airvape X

Impressive contstruction sur Taavi

I'm a Mechanical Engineering student so I was interested in the science behind this vape. The Airvape X is actually using conduction and convection, where the conduction heats the herbs by using a direct contact of the herbs with the oven. The convection heating is interesting though, as it allows air to evenly cook the herbs in a consistent manner. Battery life is decent, with it lasting about 3-4 packs without needing battery. But the coolest thing is that this device can be used while charging! SO you can connect a power bank and still use if it's charging.

Arizer Air 2

Good for a beginner like me sur Devilus

This is my first vaporizer, I have heard all good things from Arizer and wanted something portable. The Air 2 fit the bill perfectly, I love how easy the glass stems are to clean and the flavor is outstanding. I am a very happy vaper. It's a super nice retail kit, full digital controls, improved air flow and better vapor production. The heat up time could be faster and the battery could last a bit longer but for me, it's not much of an issue. It is definitely worth the purchase!

Arizer Air 2

Pure bliss with this vape sur Gabras

I purchased this product just a few days ago, and here it is sitting on my desk. This Arizer Air came to me in excellent condition, and the unit produces phenomenal results with my materials. The price was good, the shipping was fast, and the product is excellent. A+ service. It works almost as good as my desktop herbalaire 2.2 but I like this more! It’s portable and I can bring it anywhere with me thanks to the changeable battery and glass stems. Altho, I worry that I might break the glass stems.... The only downside I can see in this product. But overall, still a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars! Would highly recommend!

Arizer ArGo

Wow sur Nelya

This product is top quality and for me, among the most impressive vaporizers in the market. I have been using Air 1 for a few years now and was actually looking at different products for an upgrade. Of course, I checked products from MagicVaporizers first since I have always had excellent buying experience from them. Surely enough, the improvements were beyond my expectations. I think that the quality just keeps on getting better, which shows that its manufacturers really know how to study and make the product to suit the needs of the customers! Yes, it is more on the expensive side. I shelled out around 200 euro but no regrets at all! With Arizer ArGo, I got what I paid for, and even more!

Arizer ArGo

Saves you money sur im dat pker

After I purchased the Arizer ArGo, I believe I paid for quality. You have to charge the batteries for 7 hours before you use it for the first time so I had to hold off my excitement. When I finally got a chance to use it, I was surprised at how much vapor I got just from a single load! This product is really impressive. Vapor sessions are more enjoyable because of Arizer ArGo. In a sense, it is also economical as well. The vapor quality is also very smooth, great and cool. Not only is its interface easy to use, even loading the aroma tubes is very easy. I highly recommend this product!

FocusVape S Pro Premium

Simple and beautiful sur Kronos

So many good things about the FocusVape Pro! Looking at its built, I can easily tell that it is a solid and reliable vape. Has good weight that is just perfect for your hands. Silicon gel makes it less resistant to scratch and easier for users to hold. Glass mouthpiece removes the metallic taste you get from other vapes. Also very easy to load and easy to use. No more of those fancy optional apps that connect your vape to your phone via bluetooth, which just complicates things honestly and in my experience, doesn’t really work (yes I installed and uninstalled already). So l really love it that this vape comes back to the basics with new, useful features.

FocusVape S Pro Premium

Terrific vape sur jaapa

One of the best vaporizers I have used. Very easy to use, also perfect for newbies. First impression after getting it and removing it from the package is that it is very well-built. It has good weight and portable enough. Not the same as others pen vapes because the FocusVape is a bit bigger in comparison, but I think this is the right size for me. It is manually operated but because it is easy to use, there’s really no problem with it. It has 6 temperature settings and a beautiful OLED display screen which sets it above other vapes. Loved this purchase!

Arizer Air 2

420 friendly sur Perfect Smile

Vapor quality is very good, I prefer using a fine grind with the screen, although a course grind is recommended I find it doesn’t really have powerful clouds - especially with the heating element at below temp. This is a really nicely design vape, it’s simple to operate, feels great in the hand, and the changeable standard issue batteries ensure that it will be a good vape for many years to come. Gave this as a gift to my friend and now I am very jealous! I will buy one for myself soon!

Arizer Air 2

Love the batteries sur Super Mario

The Arizer Air 2 is a great vaporizer!! Almost similar with the original air which I previously owned but with so much more improvements! The increased power and battery capacity is one of the features I really liked about this product! Made it more solid than air 1! This has got to be one of the best vapes I have ever used and owned ever. I highly recommend this to anybody interested in vaping! Trust me! It is worth your money.

Vaporisateur Plenty

Good for your economy sur zLocke

Will save you a lot of money. A little amount of herbs will go a long way so you will really see it is a good and worthwhile product to invest in. Very efficient and economical. My advice is to buy the reducer for a more optimal session. I have the reducer but also bought the standard filling chamber. Both are useful for really good hits. Keep in low temperature as well because I find it gives good results for aromatherapy sessions. The plenty is consistent with its performance and the extra vapor released has excellent quality. Do not hesitate in buying this!

Fenix Svaty

OK sur James

The Svaty gives me a good high and doesn’t take a long time for me to be able to use it. 30 second heating time is already very impressive. The metal body is super cool and looks very stylish. I actually have it in my pocket while I’m writing this review. Only issue with it is that sometimes it will not charge. Had to call customer support and bring it in to have it checked. It got fixed immediately and now I’m happily back to vaping with my reliable Svaty again. The battery issue makes me give it a 3 only, it wasn't for that it's a clear 5.

Flowermate V5.0S Pro

Best value sur Jodeckman

I love my Flowermate v.5 Pro. It gives good draws of about 5-6 per pack. I've been through a lot of vaporizers whether Pen, portable, or tabletop, and most vaporizers, especially in this price range either A. Combust your dry herbs, or B. Don't offer true draws, slowly wasting your materials. The flower mate V5.0 pro far exceeded my expectations. Auto power off feature comes in handy as well. For the price, I doubt you'll ever find a better personal vaporizer.

Flowermate V5.0S Pro

I LOVE THIS!! DEFINITELY A SOLID BUY! A TRUE VAPE! Great for dry herbs, the convection style oven system evenly vaporizes all materials without having to constantly stir like other vaporizers. The waxy chamber works good as well, however can be slightly m sur Morivo

Great for dry herbs, the convection style oven system evenly vaporizes all materials without having to constantly stir like other vaporizers. The waxy chamber works good as well, however can be slightly messy. Clean up is a breeze however, almost never having to clean after dry herb use, and just a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol to clean after waxy use. Temperature control works great, wide variable heat settings that heat up in to temp in just seconds.

Arizer Extreme Q

Lovely vaporizer sur Is there pie?

I just got one too for Xmas and LOVE it. I had that same problem where the first bag or 2 there was little to no vapor. Then bags 3-5 were packed with vapor. If you put too much herb in it , it won’t give off vapor or it’s not hot enough. After it heats up to your desired temp, let it sit for a min or 2 then put fan on med and it should work great. 4 stars!