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Total 4.5 sur 5 étoiles. Basé sur 1571 Commentaires

Flowermate V5 Nano

Nice machine, great vape. sur Shane

Wow, got this to replace a Utilian 721 (Fenix), by recommendation from Magic Vaporizers and I’m well impressed, used an original Utilian 420 while I was waiting and I’m well happy with the performance, 204°C is my sweet spot and it’s great you can dial in your exact temperature, battery was dead and unchargeable due to the voltage dropping too low (probably this weather, anyway I’m sure we all have hundreds of these), so I stuck in a Sony VTC5A 18650 and fire her up and yeah, great flavour & clouds, and no messing about for battery to charge, just stick in another 18650 and off you go again, great for on the go, the glass mouthpiece is a nice touch and the funnel makes it easy to pack your contents with the help of the dabbler/tamper, so I’ve gone from conduction to convection to hybrid (started with a BLK for two weeks,Utilian 420 for a while, a Fenix (Utilian 721), to a Flowermate v5 nano and this is definitely the best of the bunch, I used the chamber for micro dosing and not a lot was happening, then I though I’d RTFM & saw the bit that says, put the lid back on the chamber, then place it in the Flowermate, anyway before I read that bit I tried it without, dropped a filter in the black ceramic chamber as suggested, scooped out what was in the chamber which was a bit of mixed CBD flower & bud and was hardly touched cause I didn’t put the lid on, added a pinch or two more (was only about half full after tamping and it vaped perfectly, so you probably do t need to fill a chamber up unless you’re gonna take it out, I am gonna try that bit properly on my next go, most impressed thanks Magic Vaporizers appreciated.

DaVinci IQ2

Impressive! sur Oboluna

How can something so small do so much? I am all praise for the Davinci IQ2 because it really is such a modern and innovative device. It is perfect for dry herbs but the makers made it versatile for concentrates. I never thought it was possible to have a device that can track and report dose per draw and session, yet this compact device does it! I just love it, and it is also great for microdosing. I am also completely impressed with the material used. It is apparently called a Zirconia? Whatever it is, it feels solid and has made for a great compact vape. Absolutely recommended!

DaVinci IQ2

Cloudy sur wiid

Enjoying the Davinci IQ2 as my new go-to portable vape. I just looove the flavor. They nailed potency and quality vapor right in the head! My advice is to have a spare battery for the IQ2 since it takes quite a long time to charge. Around 5-6 hours in my experience. I just bought another battery since it’s replaceable anyway. It is good for an hour or so. Not exactly for the long haul but worth it to bring along everywhere. Again, a spare batt will do you good. Have had no issues with the Davinci so far and I am definitely recommending this to friends who need a little upgrade! He he he

DaVinci IQ2

This compact device is the among the best that the market has to offer. sur Jona

Welcome to the future with the Davinci IQ2! I cannot begin to talk about how amazing this device is, from all its efficient features to its amazing vapor quality. From temp control, LED screen, and battery capacity, I am very much satisfied. It has a smart path mode or a precision mode where I can choose which precise temp to vape in, or just leave it to the device (which gradually increases). I like having options and the IQ2 has incorporated this into their design. The air dial is another feature that has blown me away. I played with it for a few while and it has immediately grown on me.

DaVinci IQ2

Brilliant device. sur Jeff

The Davinci IQ2 comes as a surprise for me, honestly. I’ve read about its upcoming debut last year and didn’t give it that much thought, but it is a package full of brilliant suprises. I think this was made to make give more options and freedom for the user so we don’t get stuck on one single feature. This is really one of the device’s strength. It has all that you expect from a portable vape (size, ease of use, great vapor) but it adds a little more icing to the cake. It has a dosage pod which is perfect for microdosing. No wasted materials there and additional efficiency points for the IQ2. The dosage control is also a great addition – gives me just a ping when it’s at my preferred dosage.

DaVinci IQ2

Amazed sur Ferraro

Read about the Davinci IQ’s packaging of itself as a “Fill your own – Know Your Dose” vape. I have to admit all this new features makes me curious. I feel like I know what I want from vapes already but IQ2 keeps throwing at me exciting new things that I want to try. The IQ2 allows for dosage calculation that shows up both on an app and on the device. With a lot of things going on, I was sort of expecting the device to have some problems after consistent use. It has been 3 weeks now and using the IQ2 has been a smooth ride. Versatile, great vapor quality, new additions for dosage control = terrific device.

DaVinci IQ2

Not worth it sur Magnus

Well, the IQ2 costs a lot! It is almost 300 € and while I still think it is great value for your money, you might be better off with a cheaper portable version if you are not too particular with vapes. If you just need one for herbs, or want something with a longer battery capacity and lesser confusing accessories, then I suggest looking somewhere else. This is still a good compact vape for me, but it just a bit too fancy and pricey. The features are not that exclusive and other more affordable devices can give you the same function.

Flowermate V5.0S Pro V2

Great little vape sur redsky

Amazing vaporiser with great battery life last me up to 3 days before recharging, It produces nice vapour and evenly bakes you're material at an amazing price.

DaVinci IQ2

Cool vapor all the way! sur Daniels, Jack

The IQ 2 vaporizer is the future of vapes! It has new features that makes it a cut above the rest of portable vapes in the market. My favorite of its new features is the Air Dial which allows me to control the airflow and type of vapor. I can legit choose to have cool vapor or dense and warmer vapor with simply adjusting a dial at the bottom lid of the device! I’ve never been this excited with a vape in recent years! I have tried it for myself and it works perfectly, giving me an opportunity to figure out my preference.

Arizer Extreme Q

Outstanding! sur synth

Can't complain at the amazing price or the outstanding product. The amount of high quality glasswear you get within this package is epic. Well worth the money and it'll have you producing clouds of vape in no time.

DaVinci IQ2

Highly recommending this! sur Rocky

Have you seen this device?! Like whoa, it is the bomb! The IQ2 greets 2020 by kicking its competitors’ butts away! This is so cool I immediately show it to others and yap about its features! Best thing about the IQ2 is really hands-down the pure vapor quality. This vape is made to produce maximum delicious flavor and! Davinci – the artist- will be proud to know that this amazing design does justice to his name. It gives such cool vapor and it’s among the best compact vape.

DaVinci IQ2

This latest Davinci portable vape is crazy good! sur Londoner

The air dial that lets me adjust the air flow is revolutionary, plus gives me the coolest vape. Definitely beats out all the rest. But what shocked me the most with the Davinci IQ2 is its dosge calculation. I mean whaaaat? I would have trusted the device is efficient, but Davinci goes the extra mile to show, track and report the dose per draw and session. This shows up in the app or the device itself. It also toggles when it reaches the desired dose. How efficient can this device get? The temp control is also precise and easy-breezy. The IQ2 wins this 2020!

Flowermate Aura

Very good! sur Phdvape

Firstly thank you for the really fast delivery. I had it the next day! So happy for that. My previous vape was the pax2. It was good! I bought this one and have been using it for 3 months. Its tasty and easy to use. Good battery lasts for 2 days. I use it 190c first session. 200 second session. 210c 3rd session. 220 4rth sesion. 230c final session. Thats one day. Cleaning was a bit of a hassle but now i just put everything in alcohol for 30 minutes and is good to go. Does not create big clouds but that doesnt mean it won't do the job. It does the job always. Very happy with it.

Smono 4

After a month of daily use sur vabot

I've now used Smono 4.1 for a month. So far everything seems fine. The unit is solidly built, feels good on your hand, the base is big enough for the herbs, and the unit does what it promises. If you like a thick vape, you'll get it when you'll heat the unit up to 220 or 230. The lower temperatures also work just fine, but of course the vape isn't so thick. The unit heats up really fast (like in 30 seconds or even less), way faster than many more expensive vapes. Charging the battery, in the other hand, takes a while. To charge the battery that is nearly empty to a full again, takes 3-4 hours (I guess the slow charging gives the battery a longer lifespan). The full charge is enough for about 7 x 12 minutes sessions. I say 12 minutes as the unit shuts itself down after a 4 minute period. I usually take 3 x 4 minute session at a time to make sure the herbs are thoroughly vaped. At first the 4 minute stoppage felt useless, but after a while I got to like this. It gives a sense of time of how long you've been vaping your herbs. And as I said, the unit heats up really fast, so automatic shut down doesn't disturb the sessions. You just click it on and continue your vaping. All in all, before Smono 4.1, I was using Arizer Air 1 and I'd say this Smono is better - even though this costs half of what Arizer costs. And on top of that, Smono gives you a way longer warranty. So if you're looking for a reasonable price - or just a second vaporizer as your backup unit - the Smono 4.1 is for you. Before having my Smono, I thought that you simply cannot get a good vape under 100 euros. I was wrong. For this price, this must be either the best vaporizer out there or damn near the best. That's why I give this 5 stars.

Flowermate V5.0S Pro V2

Hoping for better but it's good sur Darren

It heats in 12 to 15 seconds ! I only have an issue with the air flow... the slider doesn't seem to make any difference

Arizer Solo 2

Great service and amazing product! sur Darren

Couldn't recommend this vape and this site more extremely recommended

Vaporisateur MIGHTY

Gr8te vaperizer sur Fasil

I love the mighty and magicvaporizer for ther fast delerery.

Boundless CFX

Brillant service sur Jamie h

I brought this cfx from these guys it arrived in the UK from Germany in 2 days which is amazing for starters next to make it even better the customer support is brilliant there was a fault with the cfx the issue was sorted very quickly and a new cfx is on it's way to me I cant believe the service this website offers for the price DONT HESITATE TO BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE THERE BRILLANT will defently be using again!!!!!

AirVape Xs GO

My first herb vape - better than expected. sur erik

This is my first herb vape, i knew before i was buying it that first few sessions (about 5) will taste plastic from other reviews, but after a while the plastic taste is fading away. I cannot compare it to anything other, so i rate it based on my satisfaction


Excellant product sur ChrisD

I am new to the whole herb thing(partner has been long time user) and I first purchased a cheap vaporiser but it was really poor. My partner has the Davinci IQ and I was so impressed I looked at buying one and then came across this new little baby. What a delight it is and in such a fetching purple colour(which happens to be my fav colour). I have never been a smoker so found it really hard in the early days until he purchased his IQ and now a whole new world of pleasure has opened up to me. I love the sleek feel good style of it and yes, the battery isn't great but for a small user like me it's more than adequate. It's so much smoother on the throat then anything else I've tried. Purchasing from this site was really trouble free and quick and after I noticed it I saw they had reduced it so contacted them and they gave me some money back so all in all, great customer service to boot.

Arizer V-Tower

A really magicvaporizer sur Buddy

I'm a newbe to vaping, I got a cheap twenty quid eBay vap; just to see is vaporizing my herbs was the way to go, and threw my old pipe after five minutes of trying that. So next step was to decide on an affordable desk top vap, so for me this Arizer V Tower was a no brainer. Two very small niggles, the whip tubing (probably just because its new) has a sticky feel, and also seems to have a static charge; so pet hairs and any debris stick to it like a magnet. Also Arizer could be more helpful in the manual by telling you how to switch the LCD readout from °C to °F. Apart from that, well the flavor of the vapor is wonderful, its much cooler than the cheap vap. I also read that accurate temperatures are crucial from a medical users point of view; when it comes to extracting the most benefit from your medicinal herbs. Well I've been watching the screen on this unit for the past hour now; with it set to my sweet spot of 400 °F its not veered more than one degree from the set temperature for the whole of that time. If the summer ever gets here hahahahaha, I shall get a better portable vap, to take out to my favorite park bench. Just have to decide between the Solo 2 or the ArGo because Arizer is definitely a brand I shall stick with.

Smono 4

Oh boy! sur Marcus

One of my favorite things about the Smono 4 is its temp control. Not only do you get four options, or five, or even six, you get 8! The range of its temp setting is really a great addition for me, since it gives me much more room to customize and to test out using different temperatures. This is as close as I get to manual temp setting and I’d settle with it anyday! Temp is accurate and the device doesn’t get hot when I use it with high temp setting. This is something that is truly a quality portable vape, and I would vouch for this awesome device anytime. Thank you MV for a quick delivery and free candy!

Arizer Solo 2

Very good processing power and quality guaranteed! sur cigan sa rakove

I decided to buy this one, because I want to be buzzing all the time. Vapes are really good with controlling your vibe, but this one is just on another level! I vape my bowl on 180 degrees Celsius if I want to get a more sociable/productive buzz, but if I want to vape the s*** out of it (1 bowl is enough to get me to cloud9, but I usually vape 2/3 of them, because, why not? xD) I put it on 190/200 degrees Celsius. I hope someone will find this message useful:) Best on the market. Period.

AirVape Xs GO

Strong vaporizer for the price sur Halleluja

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much when I bought it. I had it delivered for less than €70 and it is cheaper than most vapes but it does pack up a punch. It produces good, dense clouds which I really look for in a device. Vapor quality is also decent, probably €70 worth? Haha No kidding though, this is a great vape for beginners and even for those looking to try what’s new in the market. It is portable, very cute and comes out ready. This is good for your pocket, so no worries, and it is very fast – both in heat up time and charging time! Around 20 seconds or less. Also it lasts for 45mins. So enough for me.

Volcano Hybrid

Number one vape sur Aleksander

I am pretty confident of the Volcano hybrid’s quality, so I’m down with the price. The other volcano models were more or less priced at the same range. The timing was perfect for me since I’ve been using the classic for several years now and I’m now looking for an upgrade. What better product to invest in that the hybrid! Prep time is now less than a minute, maybe around 40 seconds or so. Vapor production and vapor quality is still seamless and excellent, I just can’t stop talking about it. Seriously, people have to try the volcano models before they can truly say they have tried truly exemplary vapor quality.

Boundless Tera V3

Best vape under 200 € sur Schnecke

This is an interesting device that hooked me. I love it and it works perfectly. It has all the things I need and it vapor quality and battery life is also satisfying. The boundless tera is likewise very easy to use, though having too many accessories can be a bit too much, I think of it as a silver lining to learn and experiment more. I loved this about the device. It is easy and fun, and quality is decent. I am surprised that the boundless tera is not as expensive as I expected, given the features and accessories. But hey, works for me!

Hydrology 9

Almost full score sur Zimtzicke

The Hydrology, to some extent, lives up to the hype. I like it a lot and it is hard not to give the makers credit for its unique, intriguing, and sleek look. I have no regrets purchasing the Hydrology but I am a bit disappointed that charging time isn’t fast enough? Takes a lot of time and since battery is not replaceable, I have to wait. This is not a major issue but it does create problems when users aren’t exactly the most patient people on the planet. In any case, I like this vape and would look forward to other innovations such as this.

Vaporisateur MIGHTY

Simply perfect sur S&B Fanboi

Any product from Storz & Bickel would surely let users know that they are buying into premium quality and the best design. The Mighty, like all other Storz&Bickel products, is a poweful device. From the first time I held and used the Mighty, I could instantly tell how different it is from other portable vapes, certainly at a different level! The mighty is easy to use too, as well as easy to maintain. I have never had a session where I experienced a burnt smell and taste from this device, which I got from much cheaper version of other vapes. What I always get from the mighty is delicious vapor quality, dense clouds, and a satisfying vaping session.

Flowermate UNO

Strong contender sur Emily

I purchased the flowermate without researching much about it but I am fairly surprised. I’d have expected something decent, but in terms of vapor quality, this unit is more than mediocre. I’ve read somewhere that they considered the flowermate a cloud machine, and oh yes, it is! Great, thick clouds! I’m really enjoying the uno and it is one of my favorites. To maximize the swappable battery option, I actually ordered 2 spare batteries. Haha but the charging is no problem and everything works perfectly. Temp controls are accurate and the vape works nicely for whatever material I use. Though I mostly use dry herbs but I have tried it with oils and the glass water pipe. Still works fine. Great deal! ~Emily

Vaporisateur PAX 3 - Kit Complet

Great product! sur Lazard

The PAX 3 is probably one of the most gorgeous looking portable vapes in the market. I can totally understand why it is called the iPhone of the vaping world. Its minimalist design and attractive colors really drew me in, but of course it was functionality that made this unit my fave. The PAX 3 has a really great battery life for a portable vape, which is about an hour and a half of use. I can make it last a day with my current habit. Very good vapor quality that is smooth, light and cool. I have never used it for concentrates, but what I can tell you is that it works amazing with herbs! I usually use the half oven for solo sessions and it saves me so much!

AirVape Xs GO

Excellent value sur Laverne

The airvape xs Go is actually to good to be true. I have no major issues with it and all the basic things such as battery life and vapor quality are covered. It is convenient and makes sessions so much more easier. The one button control design took some time to get used to, but again, just a minor issue. It looked clean and much more nice to have one button anyway. Again, there isn’t much of a learning curve and days with the device will have you an expert in its use. Recommending this, there aren’t a lot of budget vapes that have this quality.

Flowermate UNO

This is a vape you don’t want to miss! sur Callum Hayes

Why not buy a portable vape that works for both herbs and concentrates, and even has a bong adapter! The Uno is like a perfectly brewed 3-in-1 coffee. I just adore this vape. It is easy to use, has a decent battery life, fast, efficient, and best of all, excellent vapor quality. I also like the use of a magnetic cap since it adds to the unit’s efficiency. Less wastage, more herbs. It looks and feels solid and one of my favorite things about it is the manual temp setting. I can set it myself to what works for me. The device allows for a temp range of 60C to 230C. Decently priced too.

Smono 4

Wonderful! sur Winnie

A device that lasts longer than any of my relationships? Then count me in! Haha Kidding aside, the Smono 4 really is an amazing and excellent vape. Most portable vapes can only last half the time that the Smono can, with its powerhouse 2300 mAh battery. It’s rare to have that in portables, but the Smono 4 offers it, along with many great features. The battery life was enough to convince me, then the Smono 4 came at me with its varied temp setting, then came its excellent and delicious vapor quality, then surprised me again with an adjustable airflow feature – and voila! I’m hooked! The icing on the cake is its 10-year warranty!

AirVape Xs GO

Definitely decent, but could have been better. sur Mantissa

I was promised quality vapor but the vape didn’t really live up to that expectation. I mean it is not as bad as to have a burnt taste or something, but it is certainly lacking. This is one of the main disappointments I have with airvape Xs Go. It certainly pales in comparison with other portable vapes, although the Xs Go’s main advantage is that it is a whole lot cheaper. Maybe, you really just can’t have it all. This vape has a good potential, if only the flavor and vapor quality were raised several notches higher.

Boundless Tera V3

Great vape! sur Piia-Noora

It is a bit bulky but it works just fine. It produces an ample amount of clouds and has a water pipe adaptor included. With the accessories that the Boundless Tera adds into the kit, this is definitely a worth it device to try. I have no major complaints with the Boundless Tera and it is one of the best cloud vaping machines. The price is also an extra point since for all its extra features, it doesn’t cost much. It is also fast and can last for an hour and a half, with replaceable batteries.

Vaporisateur MIGHTY

Hail the mighty mighty! sur Čermák

Ever since I got the mighty, I’ve been telling so many people about it. They are hesitant to buy it because of the price so I let them borrow and have a taste. It always does the job of convincing people! They immediately know what sets the mighty apart after trying it! I have been mighty’s personal advertiser because I just love it so much, I believe others should get the chance to have and try it too. It has excellent vapor quality that always excites me! I always look forward to my sessions with the mighty, and it has never failed in delivering the best performance.

Vaporisateur MIGHTY

Undefeated sur Sørensen

Hands down still the best portable vape! I am really sticking through with the Mighty because it set a standard that many newer types of vapes are now following. The Mighty was among the first to have a haptic feedback and had one of the longest battery life. It is easy to use and its vapor quality still outshines many other competitors. I strongly recommend going with the Mighty if potency, flavor and vapor quality is what you look for in a vaporizer. I cannot shut up about how great my vaping experiences have been with the mighty. Consistent performance too, throughout all these years.

Flowermate UNO

Ughh sur jameeca

I have always been suspicious about vaporizers that offer too much for a price that is considered on a “budget”. I feel like something is going to go wrong in a matter of days. I didn’t like that the uno had too much plastic or it feels like it has too much plastic, bec it messes with my brain. I’ve had a vape which produced a plastic kind of taste. Yuck. But so far none of these from the uno. It has been a smoothsailing experience. Haven’t tried using it with oils and the bong adapter, but I will update once I’ve experimented with it.

Volcano Digit

Smashing! sur Kurre

The Flowemate Uno heats up fast and produces crazy clouds! Now, this is a portable vaporizer that knows how to get the job done! I usually get cool and flavorful vapor from the uno, and is perfect for group sessions and parties. It is also good for oils, concentrates, and even comes with a water pipe adapter! All that for less than 200€ is already an amazing deal right there. The Uno’s functionality and performance is through the roof!! I love using it in social settings becuase partly, it was made to last in such circles. I have made a lot of friends with the uno and to this day, it still works its magic.

AirVape Xs GO

Perfect for the price sur Dobrosława

AirVape Xs Go gives you value for your money, and even more! There is some issue about the so-so taste, but putting it on the lower temperature would actually enhance the flavor more. Apart from that, everything else about this unit is great. It has accurate temp controls, a great look, it charges fast and it doesn’t get too hot when you use it for some time. The materials they used for the airvape xs go look really solid, and its texture and design really stands out. It is also very easy to figure out and maintenance is no issue. For a dry herb, portable budget vape, this unit stands out.

Volcano Hybrid

A new best sur Vollhorst

Right off the box, I am already impressed. It has the trademark volcano design but it looks so much more majestic. I’ve honestly not tried using the vape with a tube, but setting it up to check it out for myself. The hybrid is obviously not suitable for beginners. It has a bit of a learning curve and it is definitely on the expensive side. But it is durable and the vapor quality is so amazing, it will affect your standard on vaporizers. So far, the digital was my number one desktop vape, and the hybrid has immediately claimed the throne in around days of using it.

Vaporisateur MIGHTY

Past its time sur Cannabanero

The mighty is good but is it worth its price? There are many, newer vaporizers that are soooo much cheaper and can do all of the things that the mighty can. I mean, the I respect the mighty but it is too expensive and is closer to a desktop vaporizer given its price! For me, the mighty has been a great companion but it is time to acknowledge that other portable vapes have risen to the challenge and have created devices that are more portable, faster, cheaper, and with great vapor quality. The mighty will still be included in the hall of fame, but it is no longer the shiniest star.

Flowermate UNO

Cool vape sur Landmine

I am partial to the Uno because it easily beats so many portable vapes on the basis of battery capacity, performance and vapor quality. I like how I can fully control the temperature. The replaceable battery is also a plus for me, although it doesn’t come with the unit so I had to purchase it separately. It is additional cost but the unit itself is already priced decently so didn’t mind the extra cost. Heat up time is fast and vapor is top quality. A bit heavier but definitely manageable. This is an interesting and great device that is worth a try.

Volcano Digit

Very good but small battery sur Larry L

Battery life is enough to last me about 3 sessions since I use the Flowerate uno at higher temps. Kinda hoped the battery would have a longer life but I guess the swappable batteries is a good enough solution. Overall, the Uno is a great device. I always get great flavor from this vape, which is why it is one of my favorites. It gives its competitors a run for their money. No major complaints about the product, though at first I was worried that it used plastic as among its materials. Realized I had nothing to worry at all. Flowermate got me covered! I also love its design and a fan of its amazing performance.

AirVape Xs GO

Pretty pretty good. sur Oliver

This device is stealthy and oh soo good-looking. I mean if I was to rate portable vapes simply by how they look, then this one is at the top portion of the list. The airvape Xs Go looks so sophisticated and sleek. It is so small so it definitely fits comfortably in your pocket and hands. It feels nice and comfortable to hold and grip. One of the things I will vouch for is that this unit is really good given its price. If you have 70 € to spend, go spend it on the airvape xs Go. It really is easy to use and it just adds to an easy, comfortable, and even fun vaping experience.

Boundless Tera V3

Smooth vapor but too big size sur Jens

The only issue I have witht he tera is that it is not as stealthy as I want it to be. A bit bigger but definitely still portable enough to fit in a bag and accompany me when I’m travelling. Also not the stealthiest and it does not look as stylish nor as modern as other vapes, but I have learned to love the boundless tera despite this. I think it is an amazing portable device that works hard and gets the job done. It is also easy to clean and vapor is cool and smooth.

Hydrology 9

Vape of the future sur Tommi

The Hydro9 is consistent. It removes any worries of the device getting a bit too hot at high temps, or the vapor quality suffering, or worse, having a burnt smell . I haven’t had any of that with the H9. Quite the opposite, I’ve had such a great experience with this device and I love the cool hits that I get from it. This is a great device that is versatile, efficient and exciting. It is also relatively easy to use and figure out. The Hydrology has shown us the possibility of what future portable vapes will look and function like, and I am already in line for more!

Flowermate UNO

Fun and powerful sur Ortega

Not necessarily pocket size but still portable. I have no major problems with the Fowermate UNO. I’d actually consider this along the budget price range since it’s not too expensive compared to other portable vapes out in the market. Works excellently too. The UNO excels in vapor quality and in producing thick, dense clouds. I’ve had no bad experience with it, no burnt smell or plastic taste or anything like that. Doesn’t get too hot even if it’s been keeping the party alive for several rounds. This is really a device on the go, and the swappable batteries are a sweet addition to this already awesome device. Do purchase the spare batteries, I promise it will come in handy.

AirVape Xs GO

It taste and smell sur Kim

It taste and smell like burned rubber and i have cleaned it in alcohol and i have tried all the good ideas from their website!! And still it taste really bad think they have used bad and unhealthy plastic !!! a shame it is good Size and it heats up really good!

Volcano Hybrid

Cloud 9 sur Pentti

I was already waiting for this release after I found out that there will be another volcano and boy did my patience pay off! If it was any other manufacturer, trust me, I wouldn’t hang around and count the days! The volcano hybrid is soooo cool! I keep on announcing to people that I got this vape haha It is easier to control the temp with the hybrid, and it has all the great features of the digital, but faster and more adaptable. It even has an app for more convenience. It’s just been days since I have the hybrid and so far, so good. 100% recommending this. The vapor quality is heaven.