DynaVap - Bonger

19 €

The Bonger is the official DynaVap water pipe adapter made specifically for use with any DynaVap tip and cap combination. Constructed from durable silicone, it easily connects your vaporizer to 10 mm or 14 mm male water pipe joints for enhanced, water-filtered vapour. 

The included stainless steel condenser tube provides a pure and clean air path while cooling the vapour for smooth inhalation. Experience richer flavour profiles and ultra-smooth draws when you connect your DynaVap to water filtration with the Bonger!

How to use

  • Insert DynaVap tip and cap into included condenser tube
  • Attach Bonger end to 10 mm or 14 mm male water pipe joint
  • Inhale slowly and enjoy the cool, smooth vapour through the water pipe


  • Bonger adapter
  • Stainless steel condenser tube.

Intended for use with: DynaVap MDynaVap M+ (Plus)DynaVap Omni et DynaVap VonG (i) : Titanium.